Wednesday, September 03, 2008

rest days rock!

The last decent ride that I did was Sunday with Tom. The route was a 39 mile route that took us from our house to 205 bridge to Marine Drive to Interstate bridge and back home thru Felida - it's a great route and I love it. Saturday we did our Bethany route which was 20. So after those two rides we did a short run on Monday and errands on the bikes which were both very easy and relaxing compared to the riding. So 58+ miles of riding and a little running, not a bad weekend!

Yesterday was my day off. It's amazing what 24+ hours off the bike and no running will do to a person physically. Plus I had a really good night's rest...a first in a while.

This morning I felt like I was flying on my bike - it was awesome! My average was 14.4 mph which is up a little and I'm psyched. All the riding this summer and some during the Spring has paid off. I'll continue training for the century that will be at the end of the month and maybe get in for a massage in a week or so...oh my those are nice too, but that's a different post. Rest Days - I highly recommend them!

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