Sunday, October 26, 2008

A-mazeing Graze Corn Maze at Sauvie Island Farms

On Friday evening Tom & I joined Mark & Robin and kids on a trip to the corn maze at Sauvie Island Farms.

Tom and I have never gone to a corn maze before so this was a new adventure, let alone a maze at night! There were a lot of people there...who knew it would be so popular. I think the fact that it wasn't raining made it more alluring for people to go and play.

We paid our fee, got glow sticks and a teeny-tiny map. Besides the glow sticks we had no flashlights, Robin used her i-Touch to illuminate the map - which we had started using once we all realized that we were pretty much going around in circles. It is very disorienting in the dark, but made for a fun time! After at least an hour of walking up and down paths we made it out again.

Me peeking behind Andrew & Tom's Self Portrait...

Playing around on the path....

Caramel Apple Snack at the end...

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