Sunday, October 26, 2008

October Cycling

My cycling season is starting to wind down and I'll soon be out on the trainer on cold mornings or not as cold evenings.

During the Fall and Winter months the weekends are the times to get out and ride. Yesterday we met our new cycling friend Adam (and new Felida regular) over at the church for an "easy" 35-40 mile ride. The route, once we made it downtown, was the first few miles of the RACC and then to I-205 Bridge to Marine Drive and back via Interstate Bridge. As usual we stopped at Starbucks and enjoyed a treat before heading back to Felida.

It was really fun getting together with someone other than just the two of us. During our ride Adam mentioned that we should get a church cycling group together to do regular weekend rides. I'm all for that and have set up a "group" on My Cycling Log. We'll see how things work out over the next few months leading up to the 2009 cycling season.

At the other end of the 205 Bridge
Tom & Adam
Adam and his bright green bike!

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