Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I don't think that you have lived until you run over a not so large furry animal while riding your bike! A couple of years ago I had decided to try running over a young raccoon. Check out my post from then. I don't recommend running over raccoons while riding a bike.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. Tom was in the first few miles of his 20 mile commute into work yesterday and as he approached 99th Street on Lakeshore Avenue he spotted a critter in the road...he didn't have the time to swerve to miss it so he simply unweighted the rear of the bike and not really bunny hopped over the RACCOON. Which, like the one I hit, survived. He was able to stay upright, which was not an option during my encounter.

When you spot a critter on the road/trail there sometimes is not enough time to decide how to handle the fast approaching situation. I opted for flying over my handlebars...not good bike handling skills. Tom at least kind of skimmed over the raccoon. Either way, critters and bikes do not mix.

I think we'll start the "I HIT A RACCOON CLUB" now.

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