Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seattle Trip

Finally getting a post about our weekend!

Tom won a couple of train tickets at the Night Ride in July...STILL don't get that! Anyway, we had ourselves a nice little getaway, an overnight trip to Seattle. I love Seattle, but we just don't get there very much. The last time was for an American Brain Tumor Association meeting/conference - so not really that fun of a trip.

This was my first trip on a train and I really liked it a lot. So relaxing and the scenery was nice too. We got lucky with good weather which is unusual for this time of year. I was sure that we would be sloppin' around in the rain for sure, that would not have been as fun - just typical Pacific Northwest weather.

We arrived around lunch time and made our way over to the hotel, the Silver Cloud across the street from Safeco Field. After we checked in we set out to explore Seattle from a different angle. We walked and walked and walked! At least 4 miles if not more...

We had lunch at Thoa's where we enjoyed a "snack" of Imperial Rolls, Calamari (the best) and an order of Curried Fried Rice with Shrimp. All very good!

Afterwards we made our way down to Pike Street Market - checked out just how far away we were from the Stadium - FAR and then decided to head up to the Westlake Center area where there was a huge rally in opposition to the recent passage of Proposition 8 - the ban against same sex marriage. That was an unsettling scene for me so we ducked into a bookstore before heading back to the hotel.

Along our travels I wanted to take pictures of the Starbucks we passed by...a continuation of our trip from a few years ago where I found 3 or 4 in the same block, both sides the street! This year we spotted 8 and actually the one of 4th was a repeat...but still, it was Starbucks! Surprisingly, we only visited ONE coffee shop during this trip....VERY ODD!

Waiting for our train in VancouverThe Conductor
The pig outside of the Stadium which Tom tried to climb up on,
but opted just to hold on to the tail

The Qwest & Safeco Fields from Pike Place

My Favorite Vendor - gorgeous produce!

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