Saturday, November 22, 2008


With all the talk about the Twilight series I was not convinced that I wanted to read any of the books. I'm not much into hype of anything...mostly movies and books, especially if the book is being made into a movie.

The Book
A couple of weeks ago as I was going thru Fred Meyer I spotted the paperback version and picked it up and read a little bit and decided to go ahead and buy it. I was interested because the setting was in Forks, WA and Tom and I spent a year not too far away from there in Aberdeen - good ol' wet Aberdeen! The story included Vampires...ooh...okay, I'll give it a shot!

I was doing okay with it until it started turning toward teen romance - UGH. Oh I know, it's all about that, but I was getting annoyed. I'm not into reading romance anything as all I really look for is a good story and for me romance in books is just a bunch of fluff. Anyway, once the story turned to Bella finding out the true nature of Edward, then it started getting interesting.

Yesterday morning I finished the book and I have to say that I enjoyed it very much - romance and all. I decided that maybe the second book would be good to start, but no one has it - of course I only visited two stores so that is just as good as everyone since I don't travel too far outside of Hazel Dell during the week. I needed a new book so during my visit to Target for the umpteenth time this week I spied The Host the latest by Stephenie Meyer. So far it is pretty good, chapters are brief, but there a lot of them. This book will keep me well occupied during our flight to Chicago.
The Movie It is unlikely that I'll go see this movie in the theater. I did watch the trailer on YouTube this week, definitely wait for it to go to DVD and put in on my Netflix.

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