Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Came and Went...

Our Christmas celebration this year was so much different than any other Christmas, it was weird, but nice.

We had our usual Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast along with our coffee before opening our gifts. The foods that we choose at Christmas is always a treat - so Cinnamon Rolls are a nice treat and tradition. So easy and quite tasty. We'll have to bake up the remaining rolls and take them to church!

Gifts were good...just 3 a piece and no stockings. That really cut down on the "stuff" that we would normally have strewn about the living room and other areas so I didn't miss that. Surprisingly, we did manage to fill up the giant Recycle Bag that I brought home from work for our gift wrap, boxes etc. Those bags have got to be the best thing ever! I have extra bags to store just in case the Solid Waste Department doesn't bring any to the station next year.

My favorite gift would have to be (and this is stupid) - the charger for my iPod Shuffle. Now I can charge my iPod in my car or at work instead of plugging it into the computer at home.

My favorite gift that I gave Tom would be the Riedel Vivant Pinot Noir wine glasses....thems are fancy....we are not!

The afternoon was very relaxing and I worked on a sewing project that I should have finished by the end of the weekend and we watched LOTR after we had our mini ham sandwiches, mashed potatoes gratin and waldorf salad for a early dinner. Decaf spent the day sleeping in front of the fire and occasionally relocating to the TV room to cool off as the fire was really blazing for a while. He was happy to be left out on the main floor and sleeping in front of the fire all night.

So we are looking forward to New Years and hopefully we'll do the First Day Run in Portland...that's just a few days away...I'm psyched! With my stress fracture I think I'll have to stick with the 1.5 mile route. After New Years I'll probably start running very short distances, nothing more than a mile for a couple of weeks and go from there...

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