Saturday, January 10, 2009

Advent Conspiracy, Part 4

Today was our final AC event...Lighten the Load.

Felida had a 40 yard dumpster delivered to the church parking lot so that people that live in neighborhoods around us could take advantage of dumping their stuff at no cost. There were a couple of people that asked if we wanted donations and we said NO...just your stuff. Most of the stuff was truly garbage, but there were some items that could be taken to Good Will, cardboard to be recycled and steel that could be sold. The morning was pretty chilly and I think that now, hours later, I'm still thawing out! We had a few people show up to help out - I was supposed to walk around the neighborhoods and pick-up garbage, but I didn't want to wander around by myself - it was more fun visiting with my buddies!

A cool beginning to our morning of accepting junk, trash, garbage etc...


Jenni our very own barista

Sammy & Sally arrive to take over the coffee duties

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