Friday, January 16, 2009

One Week Down....

Yeah, so this week I started my pre-training for my Duathlon. Tuesday-Friday I start work at 8:00 a.m. and take an hour lunch so I can get a little time in on the treadmill and on my bike. This week was all about figuring out the schedule and all that so things were running tight as far as times goes. I'm sure that in another week or so I'll have everything down and will be able to maximize the time I have to devote to working out during lunch time. This schedule will be temporary, just until I can get out early in the morning and after work.

I've decided to take my bike with me on the days that I don't run instead of storing it at the station somewhere. That seems to work out alright, however, this morning my bike had frost all over it because I have to get it ready to go the night before. Poor thing. Once I arrived at work I took it off the rack and rolled it into the meeting room so it could thaw out in time for my ride during lunch.

My route today was pretty fun, kind of an out and back type route, but it works. I get to ride FAST going toward Hwy 99 on Hazel Dell Avenue while flying past Klineline...that was exhilarating! I nearly had forgotten how much I love riding down that road. The one thing I didn't forget is the grind from Klineline all the way to 99th Street. Still, I had a pretty good time of 22:21 for 5.16 miles. It really does help that the first part of the route is FAST!

The weird thing is that I look forward to the treadmill - it's pretty mindless, but at least I can monitor my pace than if I were to run at the track or something. The track will be this weekend and in about 3 weeks I'll have to start speedwork - Woo Hoo!

Getting out on the road or running the treadmill has made a difference in my daily outlook - I'm a much happier person now and not so down in the dumps, not that I was so much so before this last week, but I do feel better. The Duathlon will be a reality now, I'm pretty sure of that.

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