Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, Tom and I did this ride yet again and we figured out that we are not much into urban rides anymore. It would have been something different if we had Scott with us, but he was on a mini-vacation with his family and Tom and I went out alone. Not that I don't like riding with Tom, I do...he just knows his way around Portland much better than I do and rides a little more aggressively. Living over here in Clark County and riding at the times that I do I don't encounter so much in the way of traffic.

We were originally going to do the 40 mile challenge loop, but with the weather being so iffy while we were getting our gear loaded up and getting cold almost immediately, the thought of riding 40 miles in iffy weather, not to mention COLD, was more than we were ready for.

So 18 miles later I felt completely unfulfilled and we ended up coming home and going for a REAL ride, one that I felt we had to work for kind of. So, nearly 15 miles later I felt better and after a stop at Starbucks on a gorgeous afternoon, my day was complete!

Next ride will most likely be the Monster Cookie Ride out of Salem at the end of that one should be good. A metric century! Looking forward to some real riding then.

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