Saturday, April 25, 2009

Compassion Goes to India

Yeah, so Tom and I "adopted" a little girl from India thru Compassion International last year. Every month we send support to her and her family and every few weeks we get a letter addressed to "Aunty" and "Uncle" and she closes each one by sending sweet kisses...she is a sweetie! In each letter she tells us about her family, school, what she is learning, where they go etc. She also ask us to pray for specific things. All of her letters are hand-written and in English, so we know that she is learning that in school.

I was just thinking that it has been a while since we received a letter...but then this week Compassion send out a monthly update with "Follow our India Trip" in the subject line. Well that caught my attention. Right now, as I type, 5 people are on their way to Calcutta and will be blogging their expience as they go along. I know that Miss Suneera is not near Calcutta, but they will be a lot closer than I am at the moment. I plan to follow a couple of these blogs to gain a better understanding of what is happening there. You can follow a couple of them too...on the right I have a couple of mini banners that are actually links to a couple of blogs...check them out and see how God is working in India!

April 29, 2009 update - we received another letter just over the excited to hear from our girl again!

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