Friday, April 24, 2009

I Love Me Some Statistics!

I swear it's an illness...I HAVE to log my mileage and I HAVE to try to ride to or from work faster than the last time and I HAVE to ride more than last year!

So, two out of three isn't too bad. I do log my mileage and have done so since Spring of 2008 on My Cycling Log - this is how bad I am though, I had to transfer all the information that I had from a different log to the web-log to really get an accurate number for 2008. The cool thing is that my mileage is up from last year - YTD is more than double of last year...that's exciting. There have been lots of great days to ride and with having to train for the Duathlon I've been riding just a little more than I normally would. It also helps when a good friend invests in a brand new road bike!

Now if I could only ride FASTER! There is always something! The season is still young and I have lots of time to improve my ride time to and from work....always need a challenge!

Everyone needs a hobby.

PS: if you look closely, I have logged a few more miles since I first posted the monthly mileage log. I'm telling you - it's a sickness!

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