Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cycle Oregon Week Ride

Here we are at the top of one of the last hills we had to climb on Day 2 of Cycle Oregon Weekend. When I saw the sign for the photographer I just about had a cow...HOW am I supposed to look cheery and smiley after doing a steep, but not so long hill?! I'm hungry, getting a little tired and just want to have lunch - which was literally right around the bend from this shot. Not bad for being cheesy huh...

Both Tom and I enjoyed the weekend ride so much that we are seriously considering doing the week ride next year - which would mean a lot of training between now and then in order to be ready for it. We'll have to make sure that we register as soon as possible so that we get in - several Cycle Oregon veterans have mentioned that the week long event fills up in a matter of weeks.

This event will be my big challenge for 2010 - it's all very exciting! Check out the website:

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