Monday, August 03, 2009

Best Teammate EVER!

This year has been a year of challenges as I move past the 5 year mark of my brain cancer diagnosis and with each passing week another 5 year mark is passed (first surgery, second surgery, first day of radiation....etc) I feel more confident everyday about where I am as far as my health. Nothing crazy weird has popped up and I'm keeping up on my MRIs and doc visits. I Even was "fired" by my radiation doctor whom I only visited once a year. Her assessment of me from my June visit was that I am doing great and there is no need to see her anymore....WOO HOOO! No more trips to NW Cancer on 136th Avenue!!

With Livestrong going to Seattle this year I decided to find something different to do here in the Portland area to challenge myself. Livestrong is a ride or a run event...we've done both in past Livestrong events so why not put them together?! BAM! Duathlons here we come!

What does this have to do with the best teammate ever? Besides having Tom by my side thru every aspect of my cancer, Robin was there too. She was there to help calm me in pre-op and visited me while I was in the ICU and later in a regular room. She drove me to appointments and took me places when I was getting stir-crazy. Really I couldn't imagine anyone else to be there during all that, I am so blessed to have her as a friend.

After Tom and I did the Blue Lake event I loved it so much that I looked for another event to do and saw the All Women's event all I could think is that I should have a team! Who else would come to mind...Robin of course. She said yes...we got registered and then came event day. Since I did my first du in June, I had an idea what was going to happen and slight advantage over my newbie teammate.

Both of my runs were less than average for me, but with the heat and the training lite over the previous 2-3 weeks it wasn't all bad. Robin on the other hand just ROCKED the bike course and completed the course in just under 38 minutes! An average of 18+ mph - AWESOME! It was truly exciting to see her returning to the transition area so that I could get going and do the my second run.

The best part was finishing and having "my people" at the finish cheering on! What a feeling of accomplishment - to have my closest friends and my sweet husband there to cheer and celebrate the finish of another awesome event.

What a way to celebrate survivorship with the best teammate ever!


  1. Every time I think of where you have been, and how far God has brought you- it brings goose bumps, friend. Congratulations on all your milestones- and I say- Keep 'em coming, Lord! Can't wait to see what this next season brings. :) I am trying to convince Karen to be my partner and train with me so we can join you and Robin! With Sally and Kay, Felida Sisters are taking over the duathlons....

  2. Renee - that would be so much fun!!! The Felida Chicks take over All Women's event 2010! You know if Karen isn't adverse to swimming in open water you could probably do a sprint tri...hmmm...


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