Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is our "money pit" - in the 12 years that we have lived here we have done plenty of stuff in and around the house and sometimes it seems like we are not making much progress.

Painting - is a long term project, yet to be completed. It took several years, but we have managed to paint 3 of the walls in the living room AND the dining room. One wall in the kitchen is a lovely shade of Fiesta Lilac and the (new) bathroom is a BRIGHT limey green.

Bathroom - a project that was started in 2003 and was completed in December 2009. Tom did all the work himself and didn't really realize just how much would have to be done especially with tile involved. The length of the project does not mean that we went without a bathroom that long...we just didn't have a finished bathroom. There were different stages over the course of the project.

There have been other upgrades here and there...taking things out that were pretty much worthless and now we (Tom) are moving into making the really ugly things look not so ugly. The previous owners used part of the kitchen as a laundry room so we have the old electrical outlet for the washer/dryer and the dryer vent and the old plumbing for the washer still visible and quite an eyesore. 

This morning I was getting ready to have some breakfast and Tom pulled up a chair and sat next to the rolling cart that conceals the uglies in the kitchen. I got another chair and we started discussing how nice it was sitting in the kitchen and eating our breakfast while looking out the window. Very nice indeed.

At first this project wasn't a project until we went to Ikea and bought a cool little drop down table that will be mounted underneath the old original window in the kitchen. A perfect size for two...

After getting the table out of the box and looking at the wall, Tom determined that the wall was more ugly than ever and now our simple want of a small table has turned into a project! Here is a before picture -

So, we (Tom) will be working on this before the table is installed. It usually works out that if we think of something that will make our home a little more appealing, it will take much more work to get it done.

Hopefully this project won't take a lot of time...we need to take a break and have some coffee on our new table!

Updates to come...

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