Friday, May 28, 2010

Country Western...

What the heck? Yeah, so Tom and I made a stop at East Fork Cellars this past Tuesday evening for the Tim Dawdy Variety Show...well, not so much variety, but a little Country Western music with some drop-in musicians from around greater Clark County and a couple from Portland. This weekly show started out as a Blue Grass deal and I had rather hoped to have heard that instead, but I didn't read my email too closely, oh well.

Here is the "Hardest Working Fire Chief in Show Business" the very talented Tim Dawdy...

It was fun to hang with the older folks in the crowd...which was pretty much everyone else in the room!

This guy was playing a SAW! When we spied him getting that out, we both perked right was so cool!

Here is the winery/cellar owner, Jeff Waddell sitting in and playing a little bass guitar.

In the last year we have visited East Fork on Friday evenings to hear Les Cellar Rats play some old classic Rock 'n Roll, some 80s tunes and everything in between, before or after those genres. The crowds are always big and the room bursting at the seams. Get there early and you get a seat...get there a little late, and Jeff always makes room somewhere and pulls out more chairs. He is so great...never wanting to turn people away from a little bit of evening fun.

This summer should be a blast - when the weather finally warms up the Friday night entertainment will most likely move outdoors.

Good music and good wine...a winning combo!

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