Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Special Needs...

This is Marvin (as in Starvin' Marvin) and he is our special needs squirrel. I suppose he could be a she, but it's hard to tell. So, he is a he in our minds :)  If you look close enough you can see on the back of his neck where his fur is uneven...about a month ago he didn't have much hair in that spot. It's growing back!

Anyway, Marvin has been hanging around our place quite a bit, in fact it has been months - a lot of months! He sticks around because we are a sure thing for meals. Since we put out cracked corn and bird food for the birds, he seems to enjoy it too and maybe more than the birds. I think he understands that he has a good thing going here and doesn't feel the need to move on, that's a smart squirrel.

What makes him special needs is that he appears to be mostly unsteady. When he hops it's usually off-center in a tipsy sort of way. Also, when he is observing us as he is supposedly sitting still he is actually swaying a little bit. He's pretty klutzy too, Tom witnessed him tripping over the hose that was laying across the yard. He's pretty special alright.

He's a little goofy, but he's our little buddy and we would miss watching him if he weren't around anymore.

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