Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Books, magazines etc...

If you were to come to my house, you would see that I like books...and magazines. Actually both Tom and I subscribe to a few magazines so we are never without something to thumb through at any given moment.

The only problem with these items is that they take up space so I have to buy bookshelves and other pieces of book storing items if I want to keep these books and/or magazines. The only good thing about magazines is that once we are both done reading them they go into the recycle bin. Books are different, I wouldn't recycle a book, but I happily lend my book(s) my bookish friends. Share the wealth if you will.

Well, it is getting to the point that I have to either get rid of some books or quit buying books...I don't like either option to be honest. and really the other option would be to go to the library, but I like looking at and buying brand new books with crisp pages that have been untouched by other fingers and are full of cooties.

My latest option is...

Amazon Kindle

Yes...the Amazon Kindle. I have BC Johnson to blame for this! One day last week he came to work and presented HIS Kindle to me to have a looky-loo. At first I wasn't all that excited. After all, it's technology and I'm not that big of a fan...but that's another post. He really talked up this little device and I was intrigued, so much that I decided to do my own research. This thing not much bigger than a steno pad will hold up to 3,500, I didn't add an extra really is 3,500 as in THREE-FIVE-ZERO-ZERO. That's a boat load of books! I wonder how many books I have bought over the years and have gotten rid of. Could that number be close to 3,500? Probably not, but still. You have to admit, that's a lot of books to read. The great thing is that those would be books that wouldn't have to sit on a shelf or nightstand or wherever a book or magazine could be kept. Not only can books be stored, magazines and newspapers are available for a nominal monthly fee. It's easy to sports Wi-Fi...and so much more! I'm so enthralled with this thing that I went to look at the model that is across the street at Target and even had a dream last night that I had my very own Kindle!

Besides my bike, I haven't wanted to have something so much as I would like one of these. Now that says something, since I always like looking at bikes!

Reading "book" has become so much more alluring...

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