Thursday, August 12, 2010

USS Ranger

(photo from wikipedia)
This was the most exciting news that I could have ever given Tom...EVER. He LOVES all things military and this one is pretty cool (I guess) because Top Gun had filmed on this aircraft carrier...a movie which he rented and intended for us to watch oh-so-many years ago.

So, after I told him that it probably would be coming to Fairview I went on to tell him that I would visit it ONCE with him. A few years ago we toured Midway in San Diego, so I'm having a hard time visualizing this being any different.

We'll see...

Check out the link:  Aircraft carrier may park on the Columbia River


  1. This is way different! The Ranger launches and recovers F-14 Tomcat's. This is the first aircraft carrier (in the world) to incorporate the angled-deck layout. I can't wait!

    Mr. T.

  2. If Tom were talking to me I would hear "blah blah blah blah blah"...and thinking, where is the nearest bike shop?!


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