Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Going Annual

It seems like such a long time since this picture was taken...

and I've had lots of these kinds of pictures taken...

I had an appointment with my oncologist yesterday and things are very good. Now, I had a visit with my neurosurgeon back in April when he suggested that I go to annual MRIs since things have been pretty stable for the past couple of years...actually since my second surgery. So, really me and Dr. Kolibaba had very little to discuss, although we did briefly talk about the annual MRI routine, which went something like this...

Me:  Oh, so Dr. Rokosz suggested that I could do annual MRIs.

Dr K:  Are you okay with that?

Me:  YES!

So, that was pretty much the end of the conversation.Although, my conversation with Dr. Rokosz about my MRIs was much more brief...we are talking about nothing in particular when he says:

Dr. R: So, how about 1 year?

Me: Really?! Okay!

That was the end of that.

So yeah, I was (am) pretty ready to not have to go have MRIs every six months.

The other great thing is that my visits to Northwest Cancer will also become an annual thing AND I won't have to have blood draws for labs anymore...WOO HOO! Since my visits to the oncologist have been becoming less frequent, my veins don't remember the feeling of a needle poke for a bit of blood to be drawn up. Yup, not going to miss that at all!

Who would have ever thought that I would get to the point of annual MRIs and visits with docs? It's been a long six years, but I'm liking the way things are going...very exciting!

The other really cool thing that happened (which has nothing to do with Doctors, MRIs or Cancer) is that the receptionist thought that I might have been a classmate of hers....she is 36! I'm 45 and she thought I might have gone to school with her...hehehe. The scheduler even made a comment that I didn't look my age! Okay, so I'll miss Northwest Cancer just a little ;)

Annual appointments gooood!

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