Friday, May 27, 2011

Kinda Quiet Here...

I may have run out of thoughts...due to the lack of posts here. Which really is not the case, I have been posting more to my other blog See Nancy Run-Ride-Run (and Swim).

Once I do my Tri, I think my life will be a little less hectic and I'll post here again about the weird stuff that happens in my life.

I do have one thing that happened this week that just left me shaking my head...had a woman call in to the station and wanted to talk to someone about securing a position for one of our cadets...because of his not so apparent disability...yeah, we don't do that, but I'll have the cadet instructor give you a call back. Which he did, but he ended up talking to the husband. Not only does this couple think we should secure a position here (because all public agencies should do that), we should also help out in getting this kid a TUBA.


I am convinced that this is CRAZYVILLE!

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