Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's not a secret that I'm not a huge fan of movies...or more specifically, going to the movie theater to watch a movie. Actually, as I think about it, when we get movies from Netflix...I'm not always that interested at home either.

HOWEVER - today Tom and I along with Dani are going to see:

Then this coming Saturday we'll be going out with the gang to see...

I know, two movies in the same week...crazy! Then I started thinking about it...each film has an actor who has appeared in the Lord of the Rings movies. Andy Serkis (Gollum) is Caesar in the Simian flick and Hugo Weaving (Elrond) is in Captain America. Of course, I want to see what else these actors do apart from LOTR. Plus the movies sound pretty cool! I'm really not turning into a movie person...really. It's just a coincidence :) So with these two movies and the X-men movie we saw a couple of months ago, I think I'm good with trips to Regal Cinemas. theater popcorn!

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