Monday, November 21, 2011

Advent Conspiracy Project #1

For many years Felida has been participating in Operation Christmas Child - a program through Samaritan's Purse. This past weekend was our packing party at the church and it was so incredible!

In the early days we would do a couple hundred boxes and think we were doing alright. We would send out the challenge to families to pack boxes and bring them to the church ready to go. That had changed a few years back and we decided to be very intentional about making this program the best that we could make it.

Throughout the year items would be collected and stored until the big day. In recent years we have sent out messages on the church website that would alert members of sales of items that we would be collecting that particular day and by November we had just about everything that was needed - including shoe boxes. I don't know who all is buying shoes, because I know I may have contributed one or two boxes this year and with 200+ regular weekly attenders, it's hard to say just WHO is bring all those shoe boxes in...hmmmm....

SO - At our 2010 party we partnered with another small church and we exceeded the goal that we set for last year and packed over 600. Someone decided to dream big and said that we would pack 750 boxes this year.

November 19th was the day and volunteers and so many people from our church family showed up and we ended up with a grand total of 786 boxes!!!!

Seven Hundred Eighty Six...that many kids all around the world will be receiving one of those gifts that was so lovingly and enthusiastically packed by a member of our amazing! Each box was prayed for and we continue to pray for the children who will receive a gift this year. God is so good!

What I love about this video the most....this VERY excited boy hasn't even OPENED the box yet. Can you imagine what THAT would look like?!

Go God Go!

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