Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pretty Stuff

Up until very recently I haven't really been that interested in wearing much in the way of accessories, you know, bracelets, necklaces...etc. I have been pretty happy with wearing my wedding ring and a watch - a very old sports watch. Actually, the ring is an anniversary ring, but still it's one ring. I can't bear to wear too many items on my fingers even though I like the idea.

A couple of years ago my friend Mary had a Premier Designs jewelry party at her home and for fun, I decided to go and check it out. Premier Designs has a lot of nice necklaces, but can be a bit on the spendy side, so I only bought one necklace. A necklace that I only wear occasionally.

Toward the end of September this year Mary had yet another jewelry party and I booked a party from her party. So a couple of weeks ago I had a Premier Designs Jewelry party and invited some of my friends to come over and "play" with some pretty jewelry...this last week the box came to my back door! Who knew? Who knew that I would like to wear jewelry?
Ooooh, look at all the pretty boxes
I like that each order is all bundled up and ready to deliver
These are 5 necklaces and 1 bracelet
Let's get pretty...oh does this work?
Oh look, a nice little necklace to help make me less dorky!
I have gone through and unpacked all of my pretty boxes!
Don't know which is my favorite - this one is so colorful.
This one will go with a few outfits that I have....
I tried to triple loop this one...
Oh, only got it twice - so pretty!

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