Friday, March 02, 2012

Pretty Quiet Here

I haven't done anything terribly interesting to warrant posting here...

It's March and we haven't really done anything since like the middle of January except go to the Cycle Oregon Kick-Off party.That was pretty fun and if we aren't too late, we might be going to Corvallis and doing the weekend ride - with the ride being headquartered at OSU - Go Beavs! (I'm not a Duck fan). If we are too late in registering for this event there is a Multisport event weekend in Ocean Shores that I would LOVE to do.

This month I will have a week of vacation to go through our home to do a thorough cleaning to get rid of stuff for the Uganda Mission Team Garage Sale. We have been realizing that at some point we would like to move out of the house we are currently living in...and to do that it would be good to start getting rid of nearly 14 years of STUFF. Living on property that has out buildings is good and bad. Good because there is a lot of storage and bad because there is a lot of storage!We have been slowly going through stuff in the house including the basement. What really helps me is watching an episode of gosh! If that doesn't scare a person into cleaning I don't know what will!

Enjoy the weekend!

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