Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm baaaack!

At Crater Lake September 2012
Hello Friends!

I've decided to give my blog another go around...I guess I just needed a little bit of a break.

There have been a few things happening in the last couple of months. However, if we are friends on facebook or you are on my Shutterfly Sharing site then I really don't need to rehash those things here now.

It's almost the end of February, isn't that crazy?! I've decided that tomorrow will be a goof off day! I'm going to spend the day with Mr. Tom - we have a Cinetopia Groupon to use before Thursday. My supervisor was out last week and will be out again next week so I need to get a break from work whenever I can. The weekends just don't cut it anymore. Tomorrow is also a run day for me, but you can read all about my running exploits HERE.

What's coming up? Not too much really. Just looking forward to getting into the garden. Actually, I probably should be out there now. I look at the yard when I'm in the kitchen and think that I should really go and do something in the garden boxes or maybe even turn the compost. All good ideas right? Probably won't do much until I take my vacation during the first week of April (which happens to be Washington's Spring Break) so I'm sure that I'll come up with all sort of projects to do, which will no doubt include working in the garden.

I'm hoping that start of April will be decent and I'll be able to get out on my bike a little, to get ready for bike commuting to work. Last year was a meager bike commuting year with Tom being hit by a car and all. I'm happy to report that he is pretty much back to his usual self. I get tired of people asking how things are going with his recuperation...good grief people, just take a look at him, it's been 10 months! Not exactly better than before, but at least he's back to running, cycling and general silly making :)

I look forward to sharing here again...hope that all is well in your world!

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  1. Gardening! So rewarding, but so hard to do when it's cold and dreary. Can't wait to see what you grow this year. :)


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