Monday, May 06, 2013

We've Been Very Busy...

It seems like whenever I want to sit down and do something in this space I am so tired because the day or week has been so busy and I don't always feel that creative in any way, shape or form. So when I can post here I gotta take the opportunity. Which really means when the idea pops in my head I should go for it!

The one thing that has occupied a lot of time (not to mention emotional energy) has been the fact that Tom has been suffering from a pinched nerve - sciatic to be exact. So over the past few weeks there have been trips to the doctor, for injections and MRIs and all that fun stuff! The most recent MRI was yesterday morning - yes on a Sunday morning!! We never just miss first hour, so I guess there is always a first time!

This morning Tom went in for a follow-up with his doctor at good ol' Rebound ;) Seriously, that place is amazing! That was my special place until now. Now Tom has experienced Rebound in more ways than I would care to, Lucky Tom!

Things are looking good though, his disk is healing up well and the problem with his right foot that coincidentally started up since his sciatic problem may just be a minor thing which will still need to be investigated further, but is in no way related to his sciatic or surgery to have his pelvis put back together - yay! Thank You Jesus!!!

We finally were able to fit in a trip to Seattle and use the Seattle Groupon that I had purchased a couple of months ago and was set to expire on April 30. That was a fun trip :)  If you want to see the pictures from that trip I have posted some on Shutterfly go HERE to check those out.

There will be some photos coming, there have been other things happening in the last month or so, but I need to get back to doing other things right now!

Get out and enjoy the sun! We don't know how long it will be around!!!

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