Saturday, June 01, 2013

Welcome June!

WoW - another month just FLEW by! Seriously, it's like I blinked and wooosh...May is over! I have been a little busy with training runs go HERE to check that out.

May - what happened? Not a whole lot really. Tom started a part-time kind of fill in gig with a local garden center - Yard 'n Garden Land. They are the Nordstrom of the garden center realm...although I think Tsugawa's in Woodland is pretty good too. So they have all sorts of plants and garden pretties to offer as well as delivery of barkdust, soil, rocks etc. Anyway, a retired Firefighter from work - who has worked for Y 'n G on the side for years - had mentioned that there was a need for drivers. I jumped on that for Tom and now he is a fill-in-driver having a good time getting acquainted with the Greater Vancouver area and meeting new people. In the big picture, he hasn't worked many days yet. The rain for the past 3 weeks have kept him home more than he would like, but we know that when summer finally hits there will be work to be done and things to deliver.
Fun times with our Felida family!

Felida had a Mission's Fair on the 5th - Jenni and I got to help out by staffing the Operation Christmas Child booth. With so many things to explore and enjoy we ended up playing around by visiting the other mission booths!
Really? A suit of armor?
There are new houses across from our house now - new neighbors too. I have to say that the house with the suit of armor is certainly the most interesting house. Not because of the suit of armor on the balcony, but because the house just doesn't "fit" in the neighborhood. Tom and I thought that the house was pretty odd to begin with, but when this guy showed up a couple of weeks ago we just about pee'd our was quite a sight and we were quite amused over this. The unfortunate (?) thing is that the armor has been relocated and is probably somewhere inside this weird house. 
I was sleeping...go away!

Decaf was burrowed underneath my quilt and I unearthed him and this is the look that he gave me...little pip!

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