Friday, August 02, 2013

Firefighter Robert W. Hamel

Fire District 6 experienced a loss last week on Thursday and this past Wednesday we said good-bye to Bob Hamel, a Fire District member for nearly 23 years - the last 18 as a career firefighter.

This was the 3rd Fire Department funeral that I have attended. As this was considered a line of duty death (from cancer) it was a big deal in the firefighter world to honor the life and work of our friend and co-worker, Bob. A representative for our State Govenor was here to make a presentation to Bob's family and of course representatives from area fire departments came to pay their last respects to and honor Bob.

Even though we all knew that he would not survive his battle with cancer, we all were saddened when he finally did pass away. His presence has been missed for the past few months and will continue to be missed just as much as we miss Rick Streissguth who passed away in December 2009 and Bob Allen who passed away in 2000.

This collage was put together by one of our volunteer firefighters (click photo to expand)

(photo credit Tim Batchelor)

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