Thursday, February 06, 2014



It happened, the Seahawks WON the Super Bowl - and we watched in AWE
as they TROMPED Denver! 

We had such a fun time with our other "season ticket holders" that would be our Hosts Dan & Dani, Jenni and Melissa. The Dockter & Martin families also joined the fun, as well as Dan & Dani's son Zach and his cutie wife Yuki.

We CHEERED and CHEERED and CHEERED! I would like to think that we are the Felida 12's - we were loud in their house I can't imagine what it would be like at a home game.

Good Times with Good Friends!

 Here's to the Seattle Seahawks and their first ever win at the Super Bowl!

Our favorite QB and the Lombardi Trophy
It will be a very long wait until the 2014 NFL Season.


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