Tuesday, April 08, 2014


April 15, 2004 - Surgery #1

In 18 months following April 8 I accomplished the following:

1 seizure

2 craniotomies
(fancy for brain surgery)

3 hospital stays
(total of 9 full days)

6 weeks of radiation treatments
5 days a week with weekends off combined with 1/2 doses of oral chemotherapy

Chemotherapy one week a month for 12 months

More doctors appointments than I care to remember

MRIs galore - more than any normal human should have to go through

These days I'm down to one MRI a year and sometimes a follow-up appointment with my neurosurgeon...only when there is something that needs to be discussed. Otherwise, I'm on the road to being a long-term cancer survivor. 10 years down, rest of life to go!


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