Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gonna Give This A Go

I've been away from this blog for a little while as I've been busy with my garden blog. What I should do is combine all of my stuff and make one giant blog...hmmmm....

Okay, so I'm going to attempt this challenge of answering a question a day here on Nancy's Notes. An acquaintance of mine is doing a 30 day challenge so I thought I would look up something that I could do as well...and found - 365 Questions. Which is pretty cool - because when it comes to this space I have almost NO imagination. I searched for the August questions because, well, we are in August and I may as well get going on this thing.

Here we go!

Question: Who was the first person you saw today.

Well, this one is rather silly as Tom was the first person I saw and he usually is unless something extraordinary happens and he is NOT. Weird how being married does that.

SO - outside of the home...the first person I saw, well that would be one of the girls at Starbucks -Chatty Sarah. While I like Sarah and all, she can, on occasion, suck the life out of me. It amazes me that she can talk and talk and talk! She is a talker - bless her heart.

If I were to continue on this question -  the first person I saw when I arrived to work would be Chief Taylor. I HAD to stop in his office on my way in. I HAD to ask where the chief was and if he would be coming back...YES, we are that bad. As it turns out, the chief returned to work (just now) after spending the majority of the day away - sad face. We were pretty excited that there was the possibility that he would be gone the whole day. I knew better though, he can't stay away. He is physically unable.

Oh hey let's keep going on this - the first person I saw when I returned from lunch. Some dude who was lingering outside of the front door. He wanted to drop off his unwanted medications. Sorry dude, we don't take medications. Why do people want to bring all of their crap to us? Shoo, go away people. Call before you pop in and PLEASE don't hassle me on the phone when I answer your question a way that is not what you want to hear. What I say to myself when someone is wanting something that we don't provide... "Buh-bye, hanging up now..."

What that - I'm "hanging up" now...That was fun. Until tomorrow and writing a little bit more...

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