Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What Did You Have To Wait For Today?

The Doctor.

Just like yesterday - my wait for my doctor was more than 5 minutes. It wasn't like when I used to go to the oncologist and she would be "with me shortly" an hour later sometimes longer - it was still waiting.

I like all of my Vancouver Clinic doctors. They are personable and really take the time to listen and try to help along whatever ailment or problem I am dealing with. So I don't mind the wait.

After I met with the doc I had to wait to leave! I like that we get a summary of the visit before leaving the office. That never happened before. It's so great because I can look back and see what I'm supposed to be doing if I forget which is a plus because I need to be taking a certain medication and I haven't - so I'll have to add that to the pill box this evening!

Our days are filled with a lot of waiting...for so many different things! Sometimes even before getting out of bed I'll be laying there waiting for the alarm - I get tired of waiting so I get up before it goes off. So, the day begins...waiting for coffee to be made, waiting to take a shower...for the laundry to get done...for the people at the local coffee shop to make the coffee (just the way I like it)...and so on and so on.

Check this out...a quick search on Mr. Google Pants:

"Americans spend about 37 billion hours each year waiting in line. Other than waiting in line, the average person spends about 43 days on hold with automated customer service in one lifetime. For those people who take a train or bus, they will spend about 27 days of their lives waiting around on the platform or at the bus stop. Studies show that when people have to wait for a shorter time than expected, they are happier than people who have to wait for a longer time than expected."

Just let that sink in...we as humans wait A LOT! I want to tear this apart a little, but I don't have the energy to do that right now. Besides at this moment I'm waiting to leave for an appointment at the dentist office.

And so on...

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