Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What Did You Win?

Hmmm...what kind of weird question is this?!

Here are things that I don't win:  Any form of the lottery, raffles, auctions/silent auctions, special drawings at an event etc.

What I have won would be a game here and there. If we have a game night with friends I am almost always the "biggest loser!" However there is the occasional win like once a year.

One of our favorites could be Carcassonne. We don't play often enough so I don't always remember the rules. Another one that is in the Top 10 would be Dominoes. We like to play Mexican Train. Again, I don't win very often and manage to get "high score" which means big fat loser score! At least we have fun with our people.

Now, if I am playing an online game such as Words with Friends - I win more often than not which is nice, but not nearly as satisfying as playing a game in real time with real friends sitting around the table.

I'm pretty much okay with not winning - it's not necessarily that important to me. Just as long as a good time was had by all. That's where we all win!

Oh man! I have to do both of these?!

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