Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cherry Tree

We have this pathetic Cherry Tree that we planted a few years back. It has miraculously survived being run over by a friend who was backing his pick-up to park it in the yard and also by the most wonderful winds that come from the northwesterly direction so it leans very nicely because of that.

There have been cherries on the tree in past years, but we have never had one off the tree to enjoy - the birds usually get to them first. It's like we look one day and there are all sorts of cherries and then there are none like two days later.

Well, this year I have been keeping pretty close tabs on the cherries and there are A LOT! I would have thought that the birds would have eaten them by now, but they haven't. We actually had a few to try them out...not bad. As of last night we had quite a few so I decided to take a few pictures to document the occasion...

My's finally starting to look like a tree or something.

Someone told me once that these are safe for human consumption...the birds don't know that.

Well, now that I have mentioned this, it is likely that the birds will swoop in and have a feast. It would be my luck.

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