Monday, July 07, 2008

People are Strange!

I have to admit that sometimes when we are traveling long distance by car and I am the passenger, I get a little bored after a while. Usually I'll read or yimmer-yammer Tom's ear off talking about anything that comes to mind or take self portraits of us traveling down the open road. I rarely think to do anything that might get some crazy-ass reaction from passing drivers.

So, last evening we are on our way back from our friends house in Maywood Park and heading north on 205. We are getting pretty close to the exit to Camas/Vancouver...aahhh...almost back in the Couve. I am hanging out being a passenger, minding my own business and I look over and this guy (who was also the DRIVER) in the SUV beside us look over to me and he has Cheese Puffs sticking out of his ears AND nostrils! What the Heck?! At the same moment I noticed that all of his passengers look out as well and they are all as normal as can be. Well as normal as one can be with the driver sporting Cheese Puffs.

Cheese Puffs!

I have got to get out more often!

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